Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas morning. The presents are still under the tree, the smell of the Christmas ham cooking in the oven wafts in from the kitchen, and everything is peaceful. It’s at this time that we can take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Even though his birth took place over 2000 years ago, we can still take comfort in the fact that his presence can still be felt in the world even today, especially this year.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this year has been different. Instead of a lot of the normal Christmas activities, holiday vacations, and dinner at the Billy Graham Library, we’ve mostly enjoyed Christmas light displays. We’ve found quite a few of them, even visiting some of the nearby towns to see how they decorate for Christmas. Mooresville, NC, about 30 minutes away featured an animated light display on the lawn beside the Town Hall. This was a spectacular display with trees, snowmen, stars, and more trees. You can take a look on the Foggy Point Light Youtube channel.

In addition to the displays that the various cities presented, many of our neighbors in the housing developments nearby decorated their homes for our enjoyment as well. There are 2 videos of these available on my son’s YouTube Channel at His Christmas playlist from this year is featured below. There are some videos where we ride through different developments and showcase how people decorated their homes this year.

Christmas really is a wonderful and joyous time of the year. My wish for you this Christmas and in the coming year is that you find peace and joy and comfort because Christ was born all those years ago.


Merry Christmas

Hope this Christmas finds everyone well. It’s been a different year for us as far as traveling. We really haven’t done a lot of it, just a few day trips here and there. This Christmas, however, we’ve decided to try some of the drive-through Christmas light shows and towns that have decorated. Here are some photos from a couple of our visits this year. I’ve also included a playlist from my son’s YouTube channel below that has Christmas videos from past years as well.

The top 2 photos are from Lights of Hope in Anderson, SC. Lights of Hope is a non-profit organization that raises funds to provide needed help and training programs for the community as well as assistance for the disabled. This is a 2.5 mile drive through display that takes you through a wonderland of lights. As you can see, we even found an unexpected lighthouse on this tour! Maybe they’ve heard of Foggy Point Light? Of course, you also find plenty of lighted trees, waving santas, and the Nativity Scene pictured here. Lighted poinsettias adorn much of the route as well. The bottom 2 are from a Christmas tradition called Tiny Town in Easley, SC where I grew up. It was started in 1974 and this year will be it’s 46th year delighting kids of all ages in upstate SC. I remember visiting this every Christmas when I was growing up, sometimes several times. It’s not a drive through attraction; you park your car on the side of the road and walk across a small bridge into the town, but it’s worth the effort. Originally built by Perry and Ollie Jennings, it’s now operated by their children and continues much of the same charm. There’s always a huge bonfire, and they serve hot chocolate in the house, so you can warm up after walking around.

Here are the Christmas videos of our trips over the years from my son’s YouTube channel for you to enjoy. Be sure to check back periodically as we’ll be adding new videos as we visit more attractions.

Feel free to check out any of his other videos as well, or visit his website at He always enjoys visitors.

From our family here at Foggy Point Light Publishing, have a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas!

YouTube Channel

Welcome to 2020! I hope everyone is doing well as many folks all over the country are staying home to stay safe from the Coronavirus. Remember, if you’re home and have nothing to do, you can always order copies of Volume 1 – Foggy Point Light and Volume 2 – Ripples, Return to Foggy Point Light.  They’re available in all of the major eBook formats, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Amazon Kindle, so you can enjoy a completely “contactless” purchase and begin reading the same day on your favorite device!  Go to where you can order from your favorite book distributor.

On todays post, I’d like to highlight our YouTube channel, Foggy Point Light YouTube. We have a collection of nautical themed videos including South Bass Island and Fairport Harbor along the shores of Lake Erie. During the last few days, we’ve added several new videos including Marblehead Lighthouse (shown below) and Summersville Lake Lighthouse which was also from the same trip.

Summersville Lake Lighthouse has the distinction of being West Virginia’s only lighthouse, which isn’t too surprising since the entire state is in the mountains. It’s actually at a campground but the campground does have a lake! At the time, I was learning drone photography, so both Marblehead and Summersville Lake lighthouses include drone video on the channel. Check these out as we fly around both of these picturesque lighthouses.

From time to time, we’ll include bonus videos which may not necessarily have a lighthouse or nautical theme. For fans of “The Waltons” TV series which began in 1972 and aired for 9 seasons, we visited Schuyler, VA, home of Earl Hamner, Jr, the creator of “The Waltons”.  I filmed drone videos showing the house that Earl Hamner, Jr. grew up in and the church that he attended as well as John and Olivia’s Bed and Breakfast which opened in October 2019.  John and Olivia’s (pictured above) might look a little like the Island Charm Bed and Breakfast featured in Volume 1 of Foggy Point Light. Since it’s in the mountains of Virginia and not on an island, you might have to use your imagination to hear the sound of the seashore echoing at the edge of town.

I hope you enjoy our YouTube Channel and if you have a favorite video, please be sure to let us know.

Happy New Year

2019 is here at last! I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve however you might have celebrated. We celebrated at home, just me, my wife, and son. We did what we usually do for New Years Eve, we recapped the previous year then had a lighted ball drop in our den in front of the Christmas tree. This year we did something a little different and substituted a lighted starburst that we picked up during the year at the Incredible Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, TN. If you’re curious and want to see what we do, this video should be out on my son’s website, sometime later tonight or tomorrow. You can also see ball drops from previous years on that site as well.


2018 has been a pretty fun and eventful year for us. The second volume of the Foggy Point Light Trilogy was released early in the year and I’ve been busy working on the third volume, Project Vortex. That one’s coming along well and should be released in late Spring of this year. A lot of the first part of this one takes place in the future, so you’ll get to see a lot of the characters that you’ve come to know in the previous two volumes as much older. It also introduces many new characters as well, many who are children and grandchildren of characters in the previous volumes.

We’re actually planning a trip up north sometime this year, probably in the Spring, where we’ll be going to Pennsylvania. There are several good lighthouses that we’re planning on stopping at along the way as well, so stay tuned for that. Hopefully there will be some that I’ll get to climb. That’s always a fun part of visiting them. I’ll plan on posting some videos from that trip on the Foggy Point Light YouTube Channel.

I’ll close this post with a sincere Happy New Year to all of my readers.  Thanks for coming along with me, Dan, and all of the others as we continue to explore the mysteries of Foggy Point Light.

First day on the job

Thinking back, how many of you worked as an intern during your senior year of college? Probably a few, since this is fairly common. Now, think back a little further. What kind of a company car did they give you when you started your new job as an intern? Was it a luxury sedan, or something more compact? Maybe you’re thinking about now, “What company car?”

If you didn’t have a company car, or even a plush office, maybe you were interning at the wrong company! Mark Duncan had both of these. Today, September 24, 2018, was Mark’s first day on the job at the Chandler-Langtree Institute, and what a first day it was! While much of the day was spent just like you would imagine at most companies, in orientations and getting his security credentials, the end of the day was anything but ordinary. When he got ready to leave for the day, he was given the keys to a brand new Honda Accord, license plate number CLI-247. This is definitely the company to intern with! And it only gets better! Get your copy in either paperback or ebook version (Kindle, Apple Books, Nook) to find out about his second day, when he’s shown his new office.

While Mark’s story technically began last week on September 18, when he attended the lecture with Dr. Langtree, his first day at work was today, September 24. We’re now entering the time period where Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light was set. Most of the events take place between now and October 28, 2018, so you’ll want to get your copy today and read along as Mark and Angela’s story unfolds, leading up to the final exciting climax.

Real-Life Foggy Point Light

During the week of July 4, we travelled to Ohio and stayed in Youngstown.  During the day, we travelled to southern Lake Erie around the Sandusky area and saw 3 of the Lake Erie Lighthouses, South Bass Island, Marblehead, and Fairport Harbor. South Bass Island could only be reached by ferry across Put-In-Bay. You can take the ferry ride with us on the Miller Ferry at Ferry Ride Across Put-In-Bay. The South Bass Harbor lighthouse can be seen on the point of the island to the left as we approach. We did take some pictures of the lighthouse, but it wasn’t open for tours on the day that we were there.

One of the most interesting lighthouses that we saw, however, was the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Museum. This lighthouse, pictured below, is the most like I would picture a real-life Foggy Point Light. While the lighthouse tower used to be attached to the house, it actually sits beside it right outside the door to the museum today. I climbed up the spiral staircase to the top and captured the view shown beside the lighthouse.

Fairport Harbor lighthouse is next to the keepers house which is a two-story brick building like the Green Island Light Station in Foggy Point Light. The lighthouse tower has a focal plane of 102 feet, which is roughly the same height as the Green Island Light Station’s 105 feet. It also looks similar to how I’ve had the Green Island Light Station pictured in my mind. While it is on Lake Erie instead of the Atlantic Coast, similar structures can be found as harbor lights along the Atlantic. Since the Green Island Light Station lights the entrance to the Cape Fear River, it could look a lot like Fairport Harbor. Take the journey to the top with me as I climb the spiral staircase at Fairport Harbor Lighthouse and imagine climbing to the top with Dan and his family in Foggy Point Light.

Foggy Point Light Update available now!

Exciting news from the world of Foggy Point Light! The latest edition of Foggy Point Light Volume 1 is now available on Amazon, as well as iBooks. Both the paperback and Kindle editions are available. While this isn’t a new book, but an update to our first book which was released back in 2016, it does have a few nice additions. This latest edition has a slightly redesigned cover as well as the series name, “Foggy Point Light Trilogy – Volume 1” printed at the top. It also includes a new Prologue which takes readers back to the very beginning with Greg and Tim back in 1974, as well as added chapter names. For my readers that have already purchased the first edition, I hope to have the prologue available on the website at soon, so you won’t miss out on that update.  This is also the first time that this volume has been on iBooks, so readers that enjoy that platform can now download both Volume 1 – Foggy Point Light and Volume 2 – Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light right from their iPhone. It should also be available soon on Barnes and Noble, both paperback and Nook versions, and Books-a-Million as well.

I hope to have the first chapter of the next volume in the series, Project Vortex, available for preview on the website in the near future as well so that readers can experience a small sample of the next chapter in the continuing saga. This next book will be the third and final volume in the Foggy Point Light Trilogy and should finally resolve the story of Dan and his family, as well as introduce many new friends as well. It’s still scheduled for release in early 2019.

Remember that I can be contacted through the contact page of the website at any time if you have questions or comments, or you can leave comments on any post in this blog as well. And be sure to subscribe to this blog to stay apprised of future updates and happenings.

Thanks for being a loyal reader as we continue the adventure together.

Welcome to our new blog site

We’re excited to introduce our new blog site! I’m Jeff Burns, the author of the Foggy Point Light Trilogy and I want to welcome our loyal readers, as well as new readers to our site. I hope that you’ll enjoy getting to know Dan, Kate, Greg, Scotty and all of the other interesting characters that they encounter as they embark on their adventure as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you. Going forward, this site will be the place to go for all information about the happenings on Green Island, interesting facts about our books and characters, as well as updates about upcoming projects.

If you’re not familiar with the mystery of Foggy Point Light, I invite you to check out our main website at This is the place to find information on our first two books in the series as well as my author bio and comments about each of the books. You can also order the first book in the series, “Foggy Point Light” in either paperback or Kindle formats directly from the website. The second book, Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light” is currently in review at the printer and should be released in early January 2018.  The eBook version is currently available on iBooks and Barnes and Noble Nook and should be available soon for Kindle.

You can also download the first chapter from both books for either Kindle or ePub on our website. If you’d like to download a longer sample of the first book, “Foggy Point Light”, go to our page on and click on Send a free sample to download to your Kindle device or Kindle app on your phone or tablet. You can download a sample of “Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light” either on iBooks or Nook.

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