The Foggy Point Light Trilogy began over 10 years ago with an idea. It took that long for me to finally bring all of the ideas that I had for the novel together into a finished book. It actually wasn’t originally intended to be a trilogy, but after finishing the first book, I felt that there was more to the story that I wanted to tell.

The story takes place on a fictional island along the North Carolina coast which is accessible only by auto ferry. It’s the story of Dan Nelson, a technology executive from Cincinatti who has just purchased a lighthouse on the island which has been abandoned for the last 80 years. While there have been several mysterious happenings centered around the lighthouse over the course of it’s existence, it’s the unsolved disappearance of 2 teenage boys, Greg Baker and Tim Henderson over 40 years ago that intrigues Dan the most. With a couple of his closest friends, he’s determined to discover the secrets that the lighthouse has held on to for all of these years, but he soon discovers that there’s more to the story than simply mysteries that happened years ago. The lighthouse still has mysteries even today that threaten to tear apart his family and completely change his views on what can be possible.

I invite you to join Dan and his friends in their adventure to discover the mysteries surrounding Foggy Point Light.

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