Welcome to our new blog site

We’re excited to introduce our new blog site! I’m Jeff Burns, the author of the Foggy Point Light Trilogy and I want to welcome our loyal readers, as well as new readers to our site. I hope that you’ll enjoy getting to know Dan, Kate, Greg, Scotty and all of the other interesting characters that they encounter as they embark on their adventure as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you. Going forward, this site will be the place to go for all information about the happenings on Green Island, interesting facts about our books and characters, as well as updates about upcoming projects.

If you’re not familiar with the mystery of Foggy Point Light, I invite you to check out our main website at www.foggypointlight.com. This is the place to find information on our first two books in the series as well as my author bio and comments about each of the books. You can also order the first book in the series, “Foggy Point Light” in either paperback or Kindle formats directly from the website. The second book, Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light” is currently in review at the printer and should be released in early January 2018.  The eBook version is currently available on iBooks and Barnes and Noble Nook and should be available soon for Kindle.

You can also download the first chapter from both books for either Kindle or ePub on our website. If you’d like to download a longer sample of the first book, “Foggy Point Light”, go to our page on Amazon.com and click on Send a free sample to download to your Kindle device or Kindle app on your phone or tablet. You can download a sample of “Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light” either on iBooks or Nook.

Thanks for taking this journey with me, and please check back here often for the latest updates, as we’re currently in the process of making Book 2, “Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light” available.  You can also subscribe to this blog as well to get more timely updates.


Foggy Point Light Update available now!

Exciting news from the world of Foggy Point Light! The latest edition of Foggy Point Light Volume 1 is now available on Amazon, as well as iBooks. Both the paperback and Kindle editions are available. While this isn’t a new book, but an update to our first book which was released back in 2016, it does have a few nice additions. This latest edition has a slightly redesigned cover as well as the series name, “Foggy Point Light Trilogy – Volume 1” printed at the top. It also includes a new Prologue which takes readers back to the very beginning with Greg and Tim back in 1974, as well as added chapter names. For my readers that have already purchased the first edition, I hope to have the prologue available on the website at www.foggypointlight.com soon, so you won’t miss out on that update.  This is also the first time that this volume has been on iBooks, so readers that enjoy that platform can now download both Volume 1 – Foggy Point Light and Volume 2 – Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light right from their iPhone. It should also be available soon on Barnes and Noble, both paperback and Nook versions, and Books-a-Million as well.

I hope to have the first chapter of the next volume in the series, Project Vortex, available for preview on the website in the near future as well so that readers can experience a small sample of the next chapter in the continuing saga. This next book will be the third and final volume in the Foggy Point Light Trilogy and should finally resolve the story of Dan and his family, as well as introduce many new friends as well. It’s still scheduled for release in early 2019.

Remember that I can be contacted through the contact page of the website at any time if you have questions or comments, or you can leave comments on any post in this blog as well. And be sure to subscribe to this blog to stay apprised of future updates and happenings.

Thanks for being a loyal reader as we continue the adventure together.