Merry Christmas

Hope this Christmas finds everyone well. It’s been a different year for us as far as traveling. We really haven’t done a lot of it, just a few day trips here and there. This Christmas, however, we’ve decided to try some of the drive-through Christmas light shows and towns that have decorated. Here are some photos from a couple of our visits this year. I’ve also included a playlist from my son’s YouTube channel below that has Christmas videos from past years as well.

The top 2 photos are from Lights of Hope in Anderson, SC. Lights of Hope is a non-profit organization that raises funds to provide needed help and training programs for the community as well as assistance for the disabled. This is a 2.5 mile drive through display that takes you through a wonderland of lights. As you can see, we even found an unexpected lighthouse on this tour! Maybe they’ve heard of Foggy Point Light? Of course, you also find plenty of lighted trees, waving santas, and the Nativity Scene pictured here. Lighted poinsettias adorn much of the route as well. The bottom 2 are from a Christmas tradition called Tiny Town in Easley, SC where I grew up. It was started in 1974 and this year will be it’s 46th year delighting kids of all ages in upstate SC. I remember visiting this every Christmas when I was growing up, sometimes several times. It’s not a drive through attraction; you park your car on the side of the road and walk across a small bridge into the town, but it’s worth the effort. Originally built by Perry and Ollie Jennings, it’s now operated by their children and continues much of the same charm. There’s always a huge bonfire, and they serve hot chocolate in the house, so you can warm up after walking around.

Here are the Christmas videos of our trips over the years from my son’s YouTube channel for you to enjoy. Be sure to check back periodically as we’ll be adding new videos as we visit more attractions.

Feel free to check out any of his other videos as well, or visit his website at He always enjoys visitors.

From our family here at Foggy Point Light Publishing, have a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas!