First day on the job

Thinking back, how many of you worked as an intern during your senior year of college? Probably a few, since this is fairly common. Now, think back a little further. What kind of a company car did they give you when you started your new job as an intern? Was it a luxury sedan, or something more compact? Maybe you’re thinking about now, “What company car?”

If you didn’t have a company car, or even a plush office, maybe you were interning at the wrong company! Mark Duncan had both of these. Today, September 24, 2018, was Mark’s first day on the job at the Chandler-Langtree Institute, and what a first day it was! While much of the day was spent just like you would imagine at most companies, in orientations and getting his security credentials, the end of the day was anything but ordinary. When he got ready to leave for the day, he was given the keys to a brand new Honda Accord, license plate number CLI-247. This is definitely the company to intern with! And it only gets better! Get your copy in either paperback or ebook version (Kindle, Apple Books, Nook) to find out about his second day, when he’s shown his new office.

While Mark’s story technically began last week on September 18, when he attended the lecture with Dr. Langtree, his first day at work was today, September 24. We’re now entering the time period where Ripples: Return to Foggy Point Light was set. Most of the events take place between now and October 28, 2018, so you’ll want to get your copy today and read along as Mark and Angela’s story unfolds, leading up to the final exciting climax.

Author: Foggy Point Light

My name is Jeff Burns, and I'm the author of the Foggy Point Light Trilogy. I grew up in Easley, South Carolina and later attended Furman University in Greenville. My major was in computer science, which has served to allow me the ability to create the website for Foggy Point Light Publishing LLC. Growing up, my family and I took many trips down to the North Carolina and South Carolina coast where I was able to climb to the top of several of the lighthouses there and experience the view from the top. Cape Hatteras is one of my favorites and I was able to climb to the top both before and after they moved it to it's new location. Since I also enjoy reading science fiction and mysteries, I decided to combine both of these aspects using a lighthouse setting for the creation of the Foggy Point Light Trilogy. I currently reside in Charlotte, NC with my wife and son where I enjoy collecting miniature lighthouses as well as being an active amateur radio operator..

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