Real-Life Foggy Point Light

During the week of July 4, we travelled to Ohio and stayed in Youngstown.  During the day, we travelled to southern Lake Erie around the Sandusky area and saw 3 of the Lake Erie Lighthouses, South Bass Island, Marblehead, and Fairport Harbor. South Bass Island could only be reached by ferry across Put-In-Bay. You can take the ferry ride with us on the Miller Ferry at Ferry Ride Across Put-In-Bay. The South Bass Harbor lighthouse can be seen on the point of the island to the left as we approach. We did take some pictures of the lighthouse, but it wasn’t open for tours on the day that we were there.

One of the most interesting lighthouses that we saw, however, was the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Museum. This lighthouse, pictured below, is the most like I would picture a real-life Foggy Point Light. While the lighthouse tower used to be attached to the house, it actually sits beside it right outside the door to the museum today. I climbed up the spiral staircase to the top and captured the view shown beside the lighthouse.

Fairport Harbor lighthouse is next to the keepers house which is a two-story brick building like the Green Island Light Station in Foggy Point Light. The lighthouse tower has a focal plane of 102 feet, which is roughly the same height as the Green Island Light Station’s 105 feet. It also looks similar to how I’ve had the Green Island Light Station pictured in my mind. While it is on Lake Erie instead of the Atlantic Coast, similar structures can be found as harbor lights along the Atlantic. Since the Green Island Light Station lights the entrance to the Cape Fear River, it could look a lot like Fairport Harbor. Take the journey to the top with me as I climb the spiral staircase at Fairport Harbor Lighthouse and imagine climbing to the top with Dan and his family in Foggy Point Light.

Author: Foggy Point Light

My name is Jeff Burns, and I'm the author of the Foggy Point Light Trilogy. I grew up in Easley, South Carolina and later attended Furman University in Greenville. My major was in computer science, which has served to allow me the ability to create the website for Foggy Point Light Publishing LLC. Growing up, my family and I took many trips down to the North Carolina and South Carolina coast where I was able to climb to the top of several of the lighthouses there and experience the view from the top. Cape Hatteras is one of my favorites and I was able to climb to the top both before and after they moved it to it's new location. Since I also enjoy reading science fiction and mysteries, I decided to combine both of these aspects using a lighthouse setting for the creation of the Foggy Point Light Trilogy. I currently reside in Charlotte, NC with my wife and son where I enjoy collecting miniature lighthouses as well as being an active amateur radio operator..

3 thoughts on “Real-Life Foggy Point Light”

  1. I was surprised to see your post this morning. Although I live a short distance from Fairport Harbor, I’ve never entered the museum or climbed the lighthouse. On the other hand, I have climbed the Marblehead light a couple of times. Both are on Lake Erie.


    1. It’s a nice climb, not too high, but it gives a good view. There were several birds inside the lantern house the day that we were there. You can hear them in the video. We did also get out to Marblehead the same day, but got there too late to climb. We were able to get some good photos of the lighthouse and keepers house. We really enjoyed Lake Erie. Hopefully we can get back to the Great Lakes sometime and see some more of the lighthouses. Glad you enjoyed the post. Be sure to check out the video of my climb.

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